The Southwest Louisiana PC Users Group was founded by Bob Pierce in November 1984.  The group originally consisted of people interested in learning about computers, primarily IBM compatible machines.  In 1989, The Commodore PC Users Group merged with the SWLAPCUG.

Over the years, we have evolved into learning about all electronic devices.  We demonstrate and discuss cell phones, televisions and streaming devices, drones, computer accessories, etc.  We also spend lots of time discussing software (especially freeware and open source.)  Another frequent topic is the internet: web browsers, searching and safe browsing.

One of the highlights in the club's history was the organization of the only Computer Fair ever held in Lake Charles .  All of the computer clubs in the area presented demonstrations and answered questions at the local shopping center.

Over the years, the club has had several different meeting places:

  • Barbe High School
  • ABC Bank
  • Dynamic Dimensions
  • Henry Heights Recreation Center
  • Salvation Army
  • Mr. Gatti's Pizza
  • Central Library
  • Village Green Community Room
  • The Charlestonian Community Center.
  • Sugarloaf Community Center

Like other computer clubs, our membership has grown smaller, but we continue to meet and educate ourselves in the fast changing electronic world.